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Take A Breather – Report

That was a lovely trip with a little convoy – felt like a family excursion. Apologize again for delaying the start for 30 minutes, still we had an enjoyable ride – an quite easy route was chosen as we all wanted to take a breather ๐Ÿ™‚ We crested dunes straight, some small slopes and even touched little bit on side cresting. After 45mins of driving we stopped for a 20 mins coffee and tea break to enjoy the peace of the desert. Heading towards the bbq spot, we passed few desert safari convoys and had the chance to practice recovering in tricky spot. Guys, fantastic done, hats off!

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Tricky Trails – Report

What a nice crowd this morning!!!

Meetup was 7:00 and everyone was on time. Respect!!!

A cool morning in the desert, warm coffee, driving with friends… who can ask for better start of the weekend?

We started with the lessons characteristic to “Desert Intro” to familiarize our new members with our activities.

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Crest Is The Best – report

What a day, what a gang!!!

I must say this was one of the most interesting and most positive energy drive til now.

First we were waiting for king of BBQ because his V8 was faster of 4G so GPS was serving outdated details ๐Ÿ˜€

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Maverick 101 – report

This trip I would describe like “from hero to zero, than again hero” ๐Ÿ™‚

It was meant to be first Najjar_Safari official tripย  in a new area, until I got selfie from him with engine failure light. He did everything to get his car back, but Nissan says no-no. This is one hour job but we don’t have part. (Shame on you Nissan). I’ve jumped in at last minute.

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Al Faq’a Picnic With Drive

What an enjoyable day it was! Thanks everyone for joining and spending this special day with me ๐Ÿ™‚

Instead of the usual style trip, this time we put together a bbq lunch followed by a smooth driving. We met at the meeting spot and after deflation headed to our bbq spot – a beautiful, peaceful location where we settled under the shade of trees. After bqq we enjoyed a wide selection of birthday cakes – thanks again for bringing them along! Very yummy!

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Approach For Cresting And Descending – Report

OK Chaps, we had lot’s of fun today. Thank you for that!

Everything started in the morning when one of the guys had a stuck on deflation point and his wife had to get him out ( :evil smiley: ). Apart from that we didn’t have serious troubles (kidding – love you guys).

We started a little bit late, because ….. ccc… longer coffee break. As this was learning trip we were talking about previous lesson and answering onย sarahbnz questions :). Right after that we had some theory about Approach for cresting and descending, followed by safety briefing.

We started moving towards first challenge at 8AM.

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Off The Beaten Path – Report

Thank you very much for all coming for this drive!

Everyone was in time at the meeting point, we deflated and had short briefing before we touched sand. Everyone in the convoy is driving at Offroader level and we arranged the convoy

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Our First Team Leaders

Wir gratulieren!!!

Our German trio of Seniors: Desert Fox, Desert Bunny and Desert Snake took extra mile to reach Desert Fellas Orange Flag. And they reached it!!!

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New Fellas Offroaders

Dear Members, Good News!

We have two new Offroaders on board.

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Fella On Heat – Report

Trip in Junior level was perfect start of the weekend.

I was glad to see some new faces and some new talents. I will try to make this report brief, and hopefully efficient.

My left and right hand were Jnormile (second lead) and RumbleBee (recovery) today. USA united in Dubai. Thank you guys you were great.

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