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Weird One – report

The day started out at 3 pm with Marko and 4 offroaders (Gonzo, Salouh, Tiago, Chefmarc) who had a training session before the trip. After a 90 minute session, the Weird One was ready to kick-off. Actually it was a secret Mission not shared with the offroaders in training...

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To The Dusk

To The Dusk – report

Trip was scheduled for 4 pm all deflated and ready to go 9 out of the 11 cars arrived on time. Both late comers got extra help to deflate faster. Briefing was done by Marko and safety briefing by Gonzo

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Second Try, Desert Fellas trip - Photo by Anupama

Second Try – report

It was a early morning for us all or maybe a late night for some. Our ambition was to start moving at 6:30 but a few late arrivals held us back. Let’s try be on time in future.

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our aim

Drive smart and have fun!

We and the rest of the team love to ride off road, to most of us it is more than just a hobby and has become a passion. We appreciate that there are many different types, ages and levels of drivers that’s why we try to make all of our trips convenient and enjoyable…

offroad season is ALWAYS open

... yes, including summer 😀
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