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How and Where to start with Desert Fellas

We must emphasize that off-roading is fun but extreme sport which requires certain techniques and skills. There are different levels of off-roading which can be learned through our courses, depending on what you want to do in the desert.
Get trained under our ultimate training programs which will open the way to FREE weekly, safe, community drives.

Whether you have off-road experience or not, answer the following two questions and find out where to start with Desert Fellas.

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Offroad Equipment – Check List

Many fellas is asking about this gear in their profile settings which they cannot select. This is a list of equipment what you have to have in your car before you decide to enter the desert in our convoys. As part of our Prospect lesson 1 every piece of recommended safety gear is explained. Safety comes first, so make sure that your equipment will not put you or other people in danger.

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