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Love Me Tender

Brisk, cool morning at 9c and once again we had a few fellas arrive late which put behind schedule from the start. Continue Reading

Back for Breakfast

Late start due to the heavy fog. Our plan was to have our breakfast on top of Big Red

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Sand Storm

Visibility this morning was quite similar to sandstorm, so we had lot of challenges to deal with.

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It’s not a group it’s a family.

One of the most impactful lessons I learnt at Desert Fellas (apart from not to mess with Gravity) is;

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Latif & Sven to Offroaders

Yes that time is here. Latif and Sven are moving to off-roader level.

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Desert Outstretch

We started briefing at 7am, only 10° Celsius but the coffee was nice and hot. Everyone was in a good mood for driving. Feeling was just priceless.

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Gobi Garden

One Fella sick, one with a nail in his tyre and another arriving driving on driving start time we had a late start. Continue Reading

Titan Performance

Titan Performance has been putting you on the road to reliability since 2017 offering world-class repair and modification services, especially for off-road vehicles. Our skilled, professional workmanship has garnered us a distinguished reputation in  the repair and maintenance of 4×4 vehicles. Continue Reading

Off Broadway

Our adventure began 30 minutes late this afternoon.

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Juniors for Breakfast

This was 2 trips merged into one J for Junior and Big Red for Breakfast. Continue Reading

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