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Lofty Heights

A full convoy gathered at our meeting point in Al Madam as the sun came up on the 52nd UAE National Day.

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New beginnings today for our recent graduates with plenty of excitement in the air as they geared up for the next chapter – off road paradise.

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Welcome to the jungle

Back in Madam after a few weeks, and the convoy was pumped for this morning’s expedition. Continue Reading


Heavy rainfall across the country from Friday morning had left the sand heavy for our drive in Nazwa this morning but that certainly didn’t dampen the spirits.

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Basic training 6

The grand finale of our graduation drive, marking the leap into a new driving era! Let’s witness how our students conquer this ultimate test. Continue Reading

Star drenched dunes

The first official camp of the season was a blast and will be a tough act to follow! Continue Reading

Off-road Discovery (11.11.2023.)

The season is starting to speed up a bit, and thus the enthusiasm of our new Discoverers is also growing

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Basic training 5

Basic training lesson 5: bigger, more fun, but lessons and practical exercises get trickier. Continue Reading


As dawn crept up on us, there was that mix of excitement and impatience among our crew. You could feel the buzz even before the sun peeked over the horizon. With the first splash of sunlight, we kicked off, ready to tackle the dunes.

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A strong contingent of Fellas and Felicitas gathered at our meeting point as the first rays of sun illuminated Pink Rock.

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