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Junior Level 4 (Ai13) take 2

A very early start, all Fellas on time and high spirit for driving. Always great to see smiles early in the morning.

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Dune Raiders

The dunes in Nazwa were in pristine condition, sleepily waiting to be greeted by the first rays of the morning sun. But just before sunrise, they were stunned into life by nine adrenaline soaked Desert Fellas. Continue Reading

Junior 6 – Take 3

This drive had all the ingredients for a great afternoon in the desert. Fellas arrived early and full of enthusiasm, safety briefing started early and the drive started on schedule. Continue Reading

Junior 4 (AI 13)

At a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius, we made all preparations before the drive, as usual.

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We have been waiting for this drive for a long time. Continue Reading

Action Replay Report

Hooray, we finally got to finish the trip that we started three weeks ago, in grand style.

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Junior level 3

A very early start, but all Fellas on time. Continue Reading

Junior Level 6 (2)

Junior Level 6 is one of those rides we’d rather forget.

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Junior Level 2

Many were eager to drive and arrived way before sunrise Continue Reading

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