Nynke: “En daarom hou ik van Desert Fellas”

Hi, everyone. My name is Nynke and I’m from the Netherlands. Back home I’m a lawyer doing family law and a mediator. But here I can go out in the desert and go driving.

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Thierry – My experience with Desert Fellas

Hi I am Thierry, I am French. I am in Dubai since 2020 and I’m very pleased to be part of the Desert Fellas group.

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Nicholas – Experience with Desert Fellas

Hello everyone My name is Nicholas. I’ve attended Desert Fellas for probably about three months now.

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Dora’s Experience with Desert Fellas

Hi, I’m Dora. I’m from Spain. I’ve been in Dubai a couple of years. I’m training and operations manager for a video conferencing platform.

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Dicipline wins Everytime

Well I started with Desert Fellas in mid 2020, after researching a multitude of other clubs that were either in it to get you to wreck your car so they could repair it or specific cars that they mod for desert driving , it reeked of business and monies schemes.
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When you’re ready to learn, check in. It’s worth the wait!

I started with DF waay back when in 2020, completing the first couple of drives (Ab Initio) and then having to put off for a while due to a few issues with the truck.
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The learning curb with Desert Fellows is just magnifying

Repeatedly when on the dives I am just marvelling over how we are brought to drive, as this fashion of driving would be fully imaginable without the outstanding leadership, security measures and fellowship we experience in every detail of the Fellows.

I feel that we are constantly moving forward with supersonic speed and that we level up, so much faster, together as a team.


Desert Fellas or how to really enjoy the desert with your 4×4

Having been in the UAE since more than 10 years now, I assure you I’ve seen many offroad clubs.

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Prospecting with Desert Fellas!

This weekend I completed Prospect with Desert a Fellas (pending sign off my safety gear, of course)!!

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