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Who we are?

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Desert Fellas FZCO

Desert Fellas ethos is to live, breathe, promote and conduct safe desert driving for 4×4 vehicles owners.

With skills and knowledge of off-road driving we not only promote safety and awareness of all who share the desert with us but also respect, preserve, conserve the culture and fragile ecosystems of the land.

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We are friends with same goal!!! As a 4×4 owner before you enter desert¬† you have to know that respect is a two way road and we are doing our best to drive on the safe side. Respect the desert and beautiful creatures there, respect the other people in the Desert, respect the laws and you are free to call yourself Desert Fella

Off-road club for the best training & driving sessions in UAE

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Information is everything and we have plenty useful informations for you. Whatever question you have some of Desert Fellas may have an answer. Always ask for advice, at least you will get some key points for your research and right decision. Don’t be shy, discus about everything take and share knowledge that’s why we are here!


Stress is all around and we trying to reduce stress as much is possible. We need you to bring your positive attitude and energy… Remember all our ranks based on experience! But don’t forget to respect your leaders time and knowledge. Fun starts when your skills start singing.¬†

Why choose us?


We employ the latest off-road safety techniques and rules without compromise.


We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards in off-road driving


Respect your fellow drivers, leads, support team, the desert environment and the law of the land. We believe in fair play.


Our leading teams are specially trained to provide the highest level of support and guidance.


We act in fairness, consistency, and transparency


You can drive with peace of mind knowing that all our members have to complete our comprehensive training program before they can attend our drives.


We respect your and our time which means we start on time and finish on time.


We strive to conduct ourselves and deliver our trainings with utmost professionalism


Members benefit from special exclusive deals and discounted purchases from the online shop

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