VIP Off-road Discovery Course

VIP off-road Discovery Course with dedicated off-road instructor and personalized training plan.

This is currently the best we can give, because an in-house trained instructor with rich experience who has passed all our trainings will be 100% dedicated to you. Our instructor will give you all the necessary knowledge and techniques to achieve the maximum effect in the shortest possible time.

e.g. At the half VIP off-road Discovery Course, you will learn everything what Group Off-road Discovery attendeesĀ  will learn in the whole day. The all-day VIP discovery will bring you an off-road overdose and we recommend it only for those who are ultra in love with off-road.

VIP Off-Road Discovery is consolidated 4×4 dune personalized driving course. Whether you are a complete novice or experienced, Desert Fellas hosted off road Discovery is the ultimate guide to explore the vast natural beauty of the Arabian Desert safely off-road! Please check testimonials

Please choose VIP off-road discovery course GOLD half day (4hrs) or VIP off-road discovery course PLATINUM full day training. More details you will find in description below.

Before you proceed, please make sure that you must have:

1. 4×4 vehicle intended for off-road driving,
2. You must be over 18 years old,
3. Have a driver’s license and
4. Be registered on the website

Session location: Dubai, Session time: TBD

If this is not what you looking for, please check our other options answering this 2 simple questions.

Book your V.I.P. session now for only:

1,875.00 AED3,750.00 AED


VIP Off-road Discovery Course is simple tailor made Desert self driving course you will get the most important information about driving in the desert, learn the requirements and rules for driving in the desert with Desert Fellas, and most exciting of all you get to test your car in the sand under the safe guidance of our well trained team. Our team will safely guide you through every step of this exciting program.
After this full-day training, you will be informed about everything that is most important and necessary for driving in the desert. Not only that, you will be able to recognize the elements that are crucial for your safety. This program is also made for safety of your passengers as well as all those who stay, drive or camp in the desert.
After this short training you will know how to drive your vehicle on soft sand.

What you will learn on this program:

+ basics of driving,
+ desert etiquette
+ safety gear that you need for a safe desert driving experience,
+ drive preparation,
+ safety briefing will be conducted before each drive,
+ practical training on how to drive in soft desert sand,
+ how to safely cross a dune,
+ basic self recovery
+ the unwritten rules for enjoying the desert safely.

VIP GOLD Off-Road Discovery Course – Part 1 (4 hours)

focuses on the theory and safety aspects of desert driving and driving in a convoy, followed by a desert drive.

Lunch/Pray break (2hours)

Mosque and Food vendors will be near by at your convenience

VIP PLATINUM Off-road Discovery Course – Part 2 (1-4 hours)

places greater focus on the drive and builds on all the aspects that were covered in Part 1 followed by second desert drive with additional driving elements.

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Training Session

Half Day (4hrs), Full Day (10hrs)

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