Desert Fellas or how to really enjoy the desert with your 4×4

Having been in the UAE since more than 10 years now, I assure you I’ve seen many offroad clubs.

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Prospecting with Desert Fellas!

This weekend I completed Prospect with Desert a Fellas (pending sign off my safety gear, of course)!!

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Commitment to learn and improve

Desert Fellas is like a family, each member helps each other.

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Fun through Discipline and Structure

The first thing that draw me to Dessert Fellas was the small amount of spots available for the Initio drives.

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Respect is earned, not given

Joining Desert Fellas has been one of the best decisions I made for myself and my car.

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It’s not a group it’s a family.

One of the most impactful lessons I learnt at Desert Fellas (apart from not to mess with Gravity) is;

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Quality over Quantity

The KPIs for off road club is not about how many members in the club , it’s about how many of these members learned something today…

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This is not the usual group

This is not about how fast you can go, how brave you are or how expert you think you are. 

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Magnificent Morale

Having driven with DF for 3 drives, I was really astonished with the morale of the club, from all members and leaders.

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Desert Fellas “The Club”

Desert fellas (DF) although is a very young club but it’s expanding very rapidly, only due to the fact that the team leading it, has placed rules which are flexible on certain areas but very strict on others, such as the safety and discipline.

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AB Initio Gen 8

Dear Marko, dear all, this was my first time with Desert Fellas, and I have nothing but amazing comments about you guys!

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My Journey with the Fellas

I started my journey with the Fellas at the end of April. I had 5 Well spaced drives under my belt and trembled every time I got behind the wheel in the desert.

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