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Cresting Basics – report

We met at Al Qudra today for the first lesson of cresting for our Ab Initio 3 group. Now they are all advanced juniors and we are preparing them all to become off-roaders. People showed up before the time to deflate and were ready before 4:00, which is now becoming a good habit among desert fellas (keep it up guys). Continue Reading


First of all, I’d like to say a great big thank you to all those that have attended today’s drive and supported me in making this trip possible. Without you, this trip wouldn’t have happened at all!!!

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Catch UP!!! – Report

Meeting up for a lovely afternoon ride almost everyone arrived on time. Rules, safety briefing and convoy order done by Salah and Marko.

We started with a soft warm up crossing some dunes and having a few stuck and second tries (lets remember to stop the convoy next time till the convoy order is back inline).

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Fresh Start II – Report

Ramadan Kareem Everyone!!

Today we had our first afternoon Ramadan trip. We met at the Al Qudra area, which has become our designated area for the first few lessons of our newbies.

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Scopes and Slopes Trip – Report

We met this morning for the Scopes And Slopes Trip in Sharjah. Although originally there was supposed to be two trips, one off-roader level and one advanced junior level, last minute mishaps forced us to combine both trips together which ended up in one big 15-car convoy. After deflation, a short safety briefing and a bit of a warm up, the fun all started.

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Fresh Start Trip – report

We met today at 2pm at Al Qudra for the fresh start trip of the Ab Initio 4th generation.

Everyone was on time although somehow we had two different meeting points due to some misreading of the GPS.

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Shibu’s Trail – report

Our meeting today was at the Badayer shops area. We reached there on time only to find the area congested with other fellow off-roaders. There were at least 40-50 other cars lined up to start their drives.
After we managed to locate each other, we deflated in no time, had a quick briefing and hit the sand right away. Today’s trip really had it all, from cresting n side cresting to sloping and switching, to speeding and also going through a fairly technical area. It was really full of excitement.
Our first destination was the Iftar Bowl. There along with a big number of other off-roaders, we had a chance to play each on his own for a while. It was awesome to drive up n down this enormous dune. Then we moved on to reach the Super Bowl, where it was so crowded that we just decided to move on. Today we did not encounter any stucks there were a few second and third tries every once in a while, but everybody managed to finish this trail without any need for recovery. Well done everyone!!
After about 53 kms of intense desert driving, we came out at the same spot we had gone in some three hours earlier.

Trip Report by: Salah

Bumps and Humps Drive – report

We started the morning a bit late because of a few late arrivals (pls. let’s all try to be always on time this is what makes us different and shows our mutual respect) with a short briefing about the details of the trip.

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Ab Initio 4 – Report

Today we had our 4th generation Ab Initio trip. The attendance as usual was a nice mix between new faces, who join us for the first time, and old members who are here for support. We started fairly on time with the typical Ab Initio lecture by Marco. The talk took us through the important information that the new comers have to be aware of to become part of our group.

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Practice Makes Perfect

We started the morning with a short direct briefing and nice positive vibes.
Nice convoy with good order and communication, we experienced a few cresting and side cresting, we had the opportunity to practice in a small bold with self recovery and to brief about the proper technique.

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