Trip Report

Offroad Discovery Report

Fortune follows the brave. Today, the weather blessed us, thanks to the clouds.

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Cosmic Wheels an autumn morning drive

The waning days of summer, with the sun rising later each morning, had us gazing at the starry heavens as we embarked on our cosmic wheels drive. Continue Reading

One Way Motorway

The adventure kicked off amid the bustling Badayer shops of Sharjah. You could feel the electric buzz in the air as we set sights on the horizon’s crest. It wasn’t long before our tires met the dunes, carving golden arcs in our wake.

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Our meeting point, at a base of a bowl was no coincidence as the agenda for our voyage was to slingshot through the timeless landscape moving from one bowl to another, fate however also seems to have a sense of humor…

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Desert Raiders

Today’s meeting point was full of convoys, proving that the driving season is definitely starting!

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Country Roads Take Me Home

Our adventure started in Sharjah, the air buzzing with anticipation as we set our sights on the renowned Big Red.

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WILDTRACK ADVENTURE: Turn up and tune in to a musical melody

As the sun cast first light upon the meeting point, the air calm, and with a pleasantly cool temperature our adventurers had high expectations for the journey ahead.  We extended a warm welcome to both our junior and senior members, taking the chance to exchange tales of both on-road and off-road escapades during the summer break.

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Anvil: An Exploration Drive Concludes At Emergency Exit

As the waning months of summer brings the promise of cooler days ahead, it was time to forge new routes. Continue Reading


Our team of enthusiastic fellas returning to the sand after the summer break, we took our time reviewing the necessary convoy driving disciplines for safe desert driving.

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Firebird Safari: where birds spread their wings and journey afar

Our plan was simple which resembled a flock of birds, seeking resources along their journey.

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