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Ride … yes, it was an interesting one and quite bumpy. Our plan was to play in the white sands behind Solar Park and then move to the fast plains of al Faqqa, but let’s start from the beginning.

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Desert Fellas Off-Road Junior Graduates Conquer Sharjah’s Dunes

In the heart of the Sharjah Desert, an adventure unfolded as the Desert Fellas Off-Road team witnessed four junior members graduate from their intensive training program.

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Daisy Bell

Starting point at 2nd December cafeteria – check

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Kilometers Conquered: 112 km. What was the plan? Simple! Malcolm and I decided to tackle the untouched dunes of Sweihan to scout out the coolest spots for Juniors and off-roaders and find the perfect campsite under the stars.

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Sweihan Swing

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Basic Training Lesson 5

In a rugged landscape of towering dunes and winding side slopes, a group of offroad enthusiasts embarked on an exciting journey. Their mission? To master the art of offroad driving while having a blast along the way.

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It was a silent morning with amazing weather, so I was surprised how empty the desert was. With Eid close, many people would be traveling, which means we had most of the area for ourselves.

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Aventis – Sweihan Exploration

Sifting through the stunning desert landscape in search of the perfect dunes, the Aventis team of experienced juniors advanced across virgin sands touched only by the desert wildlife.

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Basic off-road training – Lesson 4

In the heart of the scorching desert, where the sun painted the sands with hues of gold, a group of fellas gathered for their fourth basic training session. Their mission was clear: to master the art of desert driving with precision and safety.

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Camp Black Flame

With the camping season winding down, our final adventure was an absolute blast! Continue Reading

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