Trip Report

Basic training lesson 6

6 weeks of hard training and dedication shapes the average Joe into an offroad monster. Continue Reading

Early Risers

A fun morning in Badaya catching up with the new graduates.

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Genesis – Chewed up & Spat out!

With temperatures in the 40’s this was going to be interesting! Continue Reading


The morning temperatures are definitely climbing by this point in the year but that didn’t deter our latest group of new off-roaders from joining us on the sand today for a taste of driving in the desert.

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Basic training 5

Massive climbs, big bowls and ear deafening rpm was all on the menu for today’s Basic Training 5 lesson. Continue Reading

Endurance Run 

Todays runners consisted of fellas who enjoyed a few extra hours in bed due to the later start time and the desert junkies who just couldn’t get enough following the earlier drive.

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Basic Training 4

We gathered at the meeting point on time as the sun rose over Fossil Rock – setting the scene for the mornings drive.

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What pushes us forward

Tricky climbing situation gave this team of enthusiastic drivers the opportunity to regroup, learn and  move forward to conquer the dunes.

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Pop-Out King Dethroned

Following the coronation of the British Monarch, we are pleased to announce Desert Fellas also has a new king!

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