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Prospecting with Desert Fellas!

This weekend I completed Prospect with Desert a Fellas (pending sign off my safety gear, of course)!!

It has been my first time driving with a club- before that I just had driven with friends, probably picking up all sorts of bad habits in the process. I had no idea what to expect but knew that I was looking for learning, structure, safety and community.
My first session was Ab Initio followed by a prospect drive. The guys taught us all about the golden rules of desert off-roading (all hail the verticals!!), and the club structure (flag system, anti ego culture etc) and then we hit the dunes, covering some of the basics and no doubt giving the team the chance to suss us out ;). The second week was pure driving, side cresting, preceded by a safety briefing.
I’ve learned a lot just from the first two drives and feel super pleased with how I’m feeling behind the wheel. The tone is pretty instructive, but with a good amount of encouragement. I’m looking forward to continuing that journey and improving my skills.
The Culture of the club has also been a nice discovery. The safety culture is uncompromising and it’s all very structured and organised, which appeals to me. It’s also a friendly place to be- people are welcoming and there’s a good community feel. I had guessed beforehand I was likely going to be one of the only women driving and didn’t know how I, or the guys, were going to feel about that. But it’s never been a factor at any point and I’m enjoying getting to know the group :).

Here’s to the rest of the path with Desert Fellas!

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Hussam (@hussam)
3 months ago
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Welcome on board Lucy, we truly appreciate gender balance in our drives, so rest assured that you will drive under the second lead of Rathica who is an amazing driver.

You will see that this discipline of safety and cultural rules will accompany us in all levels.

Here is to more women DFs 😜 cheers

Samir (@tough_t_overlander)
Advanced Junior
3 months ago
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Don’t worry, you are not the only woman in the club, we have a super woman called Rathica and for sure you will meet her one day and you will be surprised of what she can do 👍💪

Saam (@s_safari)
3 months ago
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Welcome to the club Lucy !
Look forward to hitting the dunes with you.

crocodilefish (@crocodilefish)
3 months ago

welcome aboard,
and being a woman surely also has its advantages.
We will be given the opportunity to ride together on the occasion of continuous training, or an outing under d.f.

Force6 (@force6)
2 months ago
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Good to see a some great feedback 😀

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