Double Upgrade!!!

Dear Friends Desert Fellas,

It is pleasure to announce that from now Tiago (Redbaron) is SENIOR and Karen (Merengue) OFFROADER!!!

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Preggy is Offroader!!!

Preggy is one of the most supportive members in our group and a full blooded offroader.
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Who’s New Offroaders in da house?

Yes they did it! They are Desert Fellas offroaders!!!

It’s not only the skills would make a good offroader, it is very important to be a team player and to fit in as well. Continue Reading

Pradeep (Scorpio TP) is Offroader

After few months, with lots of patience and kilometers on sand, Pradeep (Scorpio TP) is ready to move his boundaries towards new challenges.

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Tarek is Offroader

There you go… few months later Tarek earned his invitation to offroader drive and entrance to Desert Fellas offroader level.

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Eisuke is Team Leader

After successful execution of today’s trip, Eisuke is officially a proud owner of Desert Fellas orange flag!!! Eisuke is Desert Fellas team leader for Junior and Offroader level drives.

Congratulations and looking forward to attend your trips in future.

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Salah is Offroader!!!

Salah touched the sand for the first time on 21st Jan 2019. Since than, he is doing his best to attend each and every drive.

After eleven drives, including two secret drives, we agreed that he is ready for the next level of our challenges. Hard work came through

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Moamin is Offroader!!!

Dear friends, our buddy Moamin just reached Desert Fellas Offroader level.

Moamin started with us on 13th of Jan from very beginning. He kept up with our drives and activities, and his skills at this moment are good enough to start driving in level 2.

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Mike (RumbleBee) Is Senior

Everyone knows off-roader Mike (RumbleBee), right?

He is always here to help by giving his best to support our drives, lessons, and everything what we are doing here. Recently he has grown a lot as a driver and his support is priceless. Always on time he didn’t mind where and when is the drive. He was always there. Now we feel is time to take him where he belongs, in Desert Fellas – SENIOR level!

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New Offroader – ChefMarc

From the day 1 with The Desert Fellas, ChefMarc took offroading very seriously, attending our lessons and drives as much is possible. It was a great pleasure to watch him grow and develop techniques at every new drive. Due to his performance we decided to send him an invitation to attend to offroader level drive.

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