Desert Fellas App Now Available

Exciting News!
Desert Fellas App Now Available on Apple Store and Google Play

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Martin & Malcolm are Team Leaders

Congratulations on your upgrade to Desert Fellas Team Leader! Your dedication and hard work have paid off. Here’s to reaching new heights and embracing exciting possibilities. Cheers to your continued success!

Hiking Sessions Announcement

Hi My name is Marcin and I am a proud Member of Desert Fellas

Big part of my lifestyle is hiking – I did a lot of hiking in Poland where I come from, Europe, Canada and here in the UAE

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Junior & Fun drives for everyone

Hello everyone, we have a New Year resolution announcement.

From today, Junior & Fun drives are free for all those who are or will be completing our Basic Training!!!

You can access our Trips & Events system now and Apply for next available Junior & Fun level trip.

For more updates stay tuned and have FUN

Basic Training Graduation

We have built another team ready to conquer the desert. Today we tested their skills and ladies and gentleman we have a new team ready for action.

Sunil, Ryan, Maryam, Juggie & Eric Congratulations and welcome to the other side.

Thank you for keeping our desert clean!

Every year, a multitude of serious off-road and community groups devote enormous effort and resources to rid the UAE’s deserts of the hundreds of tons of litter which is left behind by careless and irresponsible individuals and groups.
Although these campaigns are successful in removing large quantities of garbage from the desert it has not stopped the littering of the deserts.

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Michael Perez Garcia is Senior

Michael Perez Garcia is Senior, indeed!

After hard work and supporting our trips, Michael deserved to become a senior as per dessert fellas standards.

Best of luck and sandy miles ahead

Congratulations and make us proud!

Javier is Senior

Super supportive and always there when we need him Javier has proven his worth in this group.

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Chef Marc is MARSHAL

From Ab Initio 1 to the present day, Chef Marc has shown an enviable level of tolerance and commitment and support for the Desert Fellas group. Continue Reading

Steven is Offroader

Dear Steven we are welcoming you to your new driving level.

From now on you are Offroader per Desert Fellas standard.


Drive safe and make us proud!

Your Desert Fellas Team

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