Desert Driving

Tyre Pressure Check

During extremely hot weather tyre pressure is increasing rapidly. That will affect traction which is very important for off-roading. To find out more information and learn how to, check this video…

Tyre Deflator

People often ask questions about tyre deflating devices. The most commonly used deflator out there is E-Z Tyre deflator, which is highly recommended by Desert Fellas. 

Second most common question is related to pressure. Well, that depends on your car, driving style, level, etc, etc. Of course experts always know better, if you have two experts around you, than you will most likely get two different expertise :D. So just to make a long story short, people who are usually driving with performance tires, deflate from 40 or 35 psi all the way down to 8 psi.  Generally the most commonly used setup is 11 psi front tires  and 10 psi rear. During any summer drive you have to double check tyre pressure from time to time because it can increase by 2-3 psi due to the heat, but let’s save this story for another time….

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