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Desert Fellas or how to really enjoy the desert with your 4×4

Having been in the UAE since more than 10 years now, I assure you I’ve seen many offroad clubs.

Many of them are really good. Some are even part of the history of this country. The offroad scene is full of good people with amazing skills.

Talking about skills and more precisely about offroading skills, Desert Fellas and its senior team seduced me from day one when I met them. We all know that offroad driving requires a particular technic. This is where Desert Fellas has a very interesting philosophy and mindset. Whoever you are, you have to start from the beginning, show you can do it and step by step earn the Fellas’ respect.

It starts with the Ab Initio sessions, the prospect drives, then the junior ones, the advanced ones, and so on…They have their own leadership training. Structured as ever according their own standards, they catalog your progress and keep a trace of everything. It might sound a bit scary at the beginning for the freedom lovers we are when we love the empty spaces the desert is offering us (otherwise we would do race driving on circuits) but the progression is there. From the basics to the highest dunes and bowls, they always have the right word to transform you in a better offroader.

Even if they push you they are patient and if you ask stupid questions, the Desert Fellas’ team will always answer you with care and respect. They want to transmit their passion for the desert. As we say « Sharing is caring ». It will go from technical and safety discussions to environmental ones or food talks !

Desert Fellas is before anything else a Community. Not just a consumer oriented offroaders club.

And this people want you to progress as a driver to drive/pilot your car and not allow your car to drive you. It takes time, commitment and discipline. Trust them, listen to them, swallow your ego and they will bring you to places you can even imagine !

See you soon at the next Ab Initio for the introduction and after some time for a deep dunes drive 😉

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Skycat (@skycat)
1 month ago
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Well Said!

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