Month: January 2020

Desert Outstretch

We started briefing at 7am, only 10° Celsius but the coffee was nice and hot. Everyone was in a good mood for driving. Feeling was just priceless.

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Gobi Garden

One Fella sick, one with a nail in his tyre and another arriving driving on driving start time we had a late start. Continue Reading

Titan Performance

Titan Performance has been putting you on the road to reliability since 2017 offering world-class repair and modification services, especially for off-road vehicles. Our skilled, professional workmanship has garnered us a distinguished reputation in  the repair and maintenance of 4×4 vehicles. Continue Reading

Off Broadway

Our adventure began 30 minutes late this afternoon.

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Juniors for Breakfast

This was 2 trips merged into one J for Junior and Big Red for Breakfast. Continue Reading

Prospect Panorama

Morning started with everyone arriving on time but slow to get deflated and ready for brief,  something to improve but we will get there. Continue Reading

Tom Sawyer

The group met at the meeting point on time and we were ready to brief by about 1pm.

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Wet Sand

Everyone early and ready to go. What a great start!

After safety briefing and convoy order we started moving 5 minutes before schedule!

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Afternoon Sun

Regardless of the rain and wind we met up at the last exit after a quick brief we heading to the deflation point.

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Ab Initio10th Generation

This was one of our biggest turnouts yet and amazing to welcome so many new like-minded people. Continue Reading

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