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Juniors for Breakfast

This was 2 trips merged into one J for Junior and Big Red for Breakfast.

Everyone on time at meeting point except for 2 sick fellas who could not make it. We moved to deflation point very close to some spectacular hot air balloons taking off.

With briefing done and convoy set, we started moving with Luca in 2nd lead and Salah as sweeper. During the warm up we had some second  attempts and a few stucks which our sweeper managed perfectly.

Lvl started increasing before heading into technical area where the sweeper dealt with a pop out. Slowly the dunes started opening up, giving us some lovely side sloping opportunities. At this point we had a fells with motion sickness, Luca lead him out while the convoy continued with Antony in 2nd lead.

After  breaking and enjoying the view at Amir’s hill we moved towards the exit to inflate a little behind schedule

Thanks for joining us and the  team support 🙏­

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Michael Garcia Aquaman
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Thanks Chef , great drive like always. We should try that breakfast plan another time 👍

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Thank you Chef Marc, Salah and everyone. It was a fun drive though it was raining. Looking forward to the next one

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As usual Marc, nice drive and happy to be on the support team

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As always, it’s a pleasure to have Marc as the lead, Luca as the second lead and Salouh. Thank you all for the amazing drive and for the morning hot air balloon sights. Had fun, with a smooth start with the new members of fellas and it was a good experience for all, as I believe. Looking forward for more beautiful drives to take full advantage of the weather.😉

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Great morning drive, I particular enjoyed the intricate technical section in the middle, I think we did well with only 1 pop-out and no stuck(s).

Enjoyed the mini hike in the middle too!!

Advanced Junior
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Good drive! Challenging as it was my first time on hard sand, but the directions were clear and Salah has been great and got me out of trouble (twice).

It was the first time that I participated to a drive with Chef Marc and I doing that everything was well planned and had technical parts alternated to parts where we could “breathe” a bit more.

Haven’t been to a drive for a while but it was a good re-introduction.

Great job to leads and sweeper and great to be there!

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I liked the early morning surprise. It was great to see the hot air balloons at sunrise. The ride was a good pace with some fun dunes. Chef Marc’s trips have been getting better and better.

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