Catch Me If You Can

Great start with everyone on time, deflated and ready to drive on time!!! Keep always like this Fellas!

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Juniors for Breakfast

This was 2 trips merged into one J for Junior and Big Red for Breakfast. Continue Reading

Wet Sand

Everyone early and ready to go. What a great start!

After safety briefing and convoy order we started moving 5 minutes before schedule!

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Preggy is Offroader!!!

Preggy is one of the most supportive members in our group and a full blooded offroader.
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Tarek is Offroader

There you go… few months later Tarek earned his invitation to offroader drive and entrance to Desert Fellas offroader level.

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New Fellas Offroaders

Dear Members, Good News!

We have two new Offroaders on board.

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Fella On Heat – Report

Trip in Junior level was perfect start of the weekend.

I was glad to see some new faces and some new talents. I will try to make this report brief, and hopefully efficient.

My left and right hand were Jnormile (second lead) and RumbleBee (recovery) today. USA united in Dubai. Thank you guys you were great.

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Jnormile to Offroader level

Big day has come.

Please congratulate to our friend Joe for his upgrade to OR level.

Well deserved dear friend and see you at a little bit more challenging trips.

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