Midweek Samba and Sand

Midweek samba and sand.

We arrived on time (4pm)for this trip. But as we all had to deflate and brief we ended up moving at 4:20pm.

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One Step Further

“One Step Further”, it was indeed. This convoy was mixed with our fellas juniors and offroaders. Offroaders job was to support and secure convoy and to make sure that our fellas juniors can focus on their driving tasks.

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Nazwa to Pink Rock

Another trip with everyone on time!!!
That is great and we have to keep up always like that.

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Sandy Treasures

It was a humid morning with not a hint of wind, everyone was on time, deflated and ready for the briefing at 6am sharp.

Convoy order was set, Karen 2nd lead, Hamdan, Pradeep Adam, Salah, Tiago as sweeper and Marko as Marshall. After radio check we started moving.

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Kalahari Cowboys

The day started nice and early a bit windy but not too hot. Some fellas couldn’t join us last minute but thanks for letting us know. Continue Reading


Everybody was one time and deflated at 6 am, a perfect start to a windy but beautiful morning. After briefing, convoy lined up Chefmarc in lead, Marko 2nd lead, Rathica, Javier, Preggy and Tiago as sweeper we got moving. Continue Reading

Same Same, But Different – Report

Today we had nice and relaxing offroader level drive. We did nearly 30 kilometers in a beautiful area. Couple second tries and one stuck only.

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AB Initio 5th Generation – Report

Everyone was on time today and introductions was started at 6am sharp as planned. After Desert Fellas Intro and assessment the group was split into newbies and Off-roaders.

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Weird One – report

The day started out at 3 pm with Marko and 4 offroaders (Gonzo, Salouh, Tiago, Chefmarc) who had a training session before the trip. After a 90 minute session, the Weird One was ready to kick-off. Actually it was a secret Mission not shared with the offroaders in training but with the rest of the convoy.

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To The Dusk – report

Trip was scheduled for 4 pm all deflated and ready to go 9 out of the 11 cars arrived on time. Both late comers got extra help to deflate faster.
Briefing was done by Marko and safety briefing by Gonzo

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