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Genesis – Chewed up & Spat out!

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With temperatures in the 40’s this was going to be interesting!After a gentle warm up revisiting some dunes from Offroad Discovery, the convoy headed west through a series of high paced side slopes in an area teeming with local wildlife. This rapidly changed when the lead decided to enter a complex section that turned out to be the mother of all technicals!

With several second tries and self recoveries the convoy was (literally) chewed up and spat out so a different approach was taken and we finally made our way to the break point at Moon Lake.

Here, Marshall Marc led a group of Off-roader hopefuls on a challenging test to see who is ready for the next step of Desert Fellas training.

After regrouping, the team headed in the direction of the exit but one Fella suddenly experienced a mechanical failure so after a short time in limp mode he was towed to the nearest safety point whilst the rest of the convoy moved on to the inflation point for some well deserved refreshments beside a beautiful lake.

Thanks to all who joined and a special thanks to Chef Marc for his exemplary recovery skills and mentorship and to Steven for his support as second lead. See you soon!

2 comments on Genesis – Chewed up & Spat out!

  1. Grateful to Martin for expertly leading such a fantastic drive in those intense temperatures! A huge thanks to Marc for his invaluable support and the captivating test drive, which tested our off-roading skills. Eagerly awaiting the next exhilarating drive with the team, as we continue to explore and conquer the dunes. See you all soon!

  2. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

    Hot but totally worth getting out there, this drive had everything needed on summersday afternoon. Smooth warmup, technical challanges and epic side slopes.

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