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Desert Outstretch

We started briefing at 7am, only 10° Celsius but the coffee was nice and hot. Everyone was in a good mood for driving. Feeling was just priceless.

First of all we have two new flags in the group, Peter and Latif, congrats guys. Well deserved and make us proud.

As this trip tittle says, this was outstretch of 60 km long drive with many different challenges. Driving level was Junior. Part of the plan was to visit undiscovered area, which we will not visit any time soon :).

Hossam was absent because he felt sick this morning and we wish him to get well soon. Thanks for letting us know, appreciate it.

Team spirit was high same as trip discipline. It was pleasure to lead this convoy of well trained and responsible members.

Convoy was lined up based on leaders  feedback from the trips before, which allowed us to put stucks and mistakes to minimum .  We didn’t have  one stuck despite to a lot of tricky areas today. This is credit to all leading teams and their assessment,  and to all drivers  who took this reviews seriously. All drivers showed team spirit and lot’s of skills today. You are all together proper trained team and it’s really pleasure to lead you all. All challenges today were easy to beat with you.

Team behavior and lineups during stops showed good team spirit and well organized, responsible and serious group. This is real Desert Fellas image, keep this spirit high.

We did some notes during the trip today and I will be happy to provide you with personal feedbacks and rating based on leading team observations.

Please let us know how was your experience on this trip today.

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Marko, Sujith, Anthony & to everyone attended thank u so much for the drive. A weekend is never complete without one 😂 #keepthesandsflying

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A fun filled day, with good challenges and practices with beautiful weather and scenic beauty. Started with a nice chill weather and smooth warm up drive. Followed by adventurous challenges and a good practice for the fellas members. Thank you Marko for the second lead practice opportunity and Anthony for the sweeper support and amazing pics that you share always. Rest of the fellas members, I enjoyed the drive quite a lot. It is a fun group, and the instructions were followed well which made the drive fill with fun and back home safe. Love to see you guys again… Read more »

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Al Faqqa is a good change from Al Qudra. Nice variety of dunes, and it’s quite scenic.

I liked the pace of the drive today. An assortment of terrain was covered, from fast slopes to tight and technical.

Also, really good crew today. Everyone worked as a team. No drama.

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It was an interesting drive, new desert (for me) and good group. I enjoyed the desert, with a good variation of dunes and very few tracks which made for smooth driving. Leaders were perfect and everyone drove nicely. Some of the challenges were tough but with the leaders we had, they all felt manageable and never too hard. The drive pacing was excellent, it was fast enough to maintain a flow but slow enough to give some space to the car in front before climbs and be able to quickly catch up after. Thank you leaders, sweeper and all drivers… Read more »

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Definitely when we talk about a great day I could say that yesterday was perfect. 2 new flags, good temperature and the possibility of exploring a part of the desert unknown to some of those we drove yesterday. Excellent group, well managed, challenges met, no car stuck, very few second tries. Thanks Marco and guys for a great morning, it’s always good to share with people with a high level of professionalism and camaraderie like you. With every single ride I gotta say that the driving skills are improving and the love for the desert is growing.

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Another amazing drive, getting a better feel for my car and becoming more confident with the junior level challenges.

Still need to work on my safety distance, was called out a few times during the drive for being to far, and also need to work on the ‘tap tap’ technique.

The donuts we did during on of our stops was really good for helping me with the tap tap technique, and getting a better feel for My car – plus it’s always fun to do donuts 😆

Cant wait for the next drive!
Thanks everyone for the amazing day 🙏🏽

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