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Yalla GO!!!

We started with warmup after short briefing. With a little more than 3 hours of driving in the desert, we completed 64 kilometers respectively.

During warmup we had several second tries which defined our driving pace.

Whole trip was quite smooth without unnecessary stoping.

We had only one stuck on top of the crest with recovery that was easily sorted out.

On 34th kilometers we had unfortunate car breakdown (Ripped boot LH, and sand in the steering rack). We help our fella to reach the safety and after that we continue with the trip.

After 2 hours of driving we lost focus a little bit and there was few dangerous mistakes. This is good lesson for all of us and also good test for our trip supporting team to be always awake and ready to control situations like that.

Rest of the trip was relaxing with technical bites but mostly chilling drive towards exit point.

We finished this trip with a good feeling and ready to get some rest at home before working week kicks off.

I’d like to see better car alignment during our stops, and a little bit better communication than it was today.

But overall we all did a good job today.

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This drive was slow paced than usual at this drive level. I had only 1 recovery with a jeep that was crested in safe position. Some of the crew were struggling on certain challenges. The cresting part towards to end of the drive was fun. But the long drives on flat sand in between areas were boring. Sadly a fella had to bail out due to vehicle issues. I need to improve on sweeper duties not only as the last car but more as a safety beacon supporting convoy and fending off other potential dune hazards.

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This was a really nice drive , i believe this area has a lot to offer & Marko did a nice job at keeping all on their toes!
the weather was beautiful and we had a few nice climbs & good flow .
Will look forward to more drives in this area.

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I thought it was a nice drive. I like the idea of entry at el Faya and exit at Quadra. We need to explore this route more often

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