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Our adventure began 30 minutes late this afternoon.

This is not the way we want to do things. Remember, getting to the show on time is important, it respects everyone’s time, and if we run late due to late arrivals, we lose that time off the end of our trip. I admit I was guilty of it today as well not arriving until 1pm.It’s imperative that we ALL arrive at a time that makes us ready to brief or drive very close to the trip start time.

It was a beautiful overcast Friday afternoon. Today was a mix of my Junior Trip and Marko’s Recovery Training Group. This was a perfect mix; Juniors playing on the technical dunes which creates great training opportunities for both the Juniors and the new recovery crews.

The dunes were very nice today, a mixture of hard and soft and with powdery tops. We jumped right into the technical area and began with some lumbering side slopes and shallow descents into and out of the small bowls created in these areas. The drivers all did very well today, but it didn’t take too long for the second tries and a few recoveries to take place. I myself set a couple well placed stucks on a straight crest, but that’s just part of the fun.
Good job everyone and thank you for the support Sujith, Michael, & Marko.

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Good choice of technical trails on this trip. The sand was mostly firm from the rain, but a few spots were soft. I enjoyed the higher pace towards the end.

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another wonderful afternoon to share in which the good weather and the technical area that the dunes offer took advantage. The wet sand, some sharp dunes and steep descents gave the trip a good technical atmosphere. Just waiting for the next ride.

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Enjoyed the trip and was great seeing the detail that goes into training the sweepers along the way!

Advanced Junior
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This drive was very important to me, the mix between the open & close paths gave me the ability to know my car capabilities & limitations and teach me new techniques.
A friendly group and a good support team.

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Great lead and a lovey drive. It was a good experience and happy to be a second lead again. Thank you Mike. Few experience on recovery too. Excellent sweeper task performed by Michael too. Looking forward for more drives.

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