A fine morning with perfect weather and most fellas ready for briefing before schedule, except for one who took the wrong exit (LOL) but was at deflation point on time in the end. Let’s keep this standard, we really appreciate your punctuality.

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Nema Predaje

Nema Predaje (eng. Never Give Up) was just like the subject says, this morning I’ve experienced that feeling when I realized that my car battery is flat.

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Beginning at the End

Everyone was on time today and that’s how it should be…. great standard and respect for the other Fellas, thank you!

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Very good start of the trip with everybody on the meeting point before scheduled.

Briefing completed and convoy order set we started moving at 4:15 pm.

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A “Trip Organizer” Intern – Report

First, I would like to thank each and every Fella on the trip today for being there on the first trip i organized and lead from start to finish. Thank you guys!!

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Weird One – report

The day started out at 3 pm with Marko and 4 offroaders (Gonzo, Salouh, Tiago, Chefmarc) who had a training session before the trip. After a 90 minute session, the Weird One was ready to kick-off. Actually it was a secret Mission not shared with the offroaders in training but with the rest of the convoy.

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To The Dusk – report

Trip was scheduled for 4 pm all deflated and ready to go 9 out of the 11 cars arrived on time. Both late comers got extra help to deflate faster.
Briefing was done by Marko and safety briefing by Gonzo

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Cresting Basics + report

Cresting basics + More on the Plus…

Everyone was eager for this drive and at the meeting point, deflated before 7am, let’s keep it like that. Continue Reading

Ready, Set, GO!!! – Report

Great start, all the MF ( my friends ) were on time!
Coffee on hand we had the usual briefing and safety briefing by Marko assisted by Salah and Gonzo… Continue Reading


First of all, I’d like to say a great big thank you to all those that have attended today’s drive and supported me in making this trip possible. Without you, this trip wouldn’t have happened at all!!!

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