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To The Dusk – report

Trip was scheduled for 4 pm all deflated and ready to go 9 out of the 11 cars arrived on time. Both late comers got extra help to deflate faster.
Briefing was done by Marko and safety briefing by Gonzo

The convoy started moving at 4:20 pm.
Marko was leading, Tiago as second lead and Gonzo the sweeper

After a few minutes we had to return to the starting point due to mechanical problems on Rathica’s Jeep.

Spotless first second lead with us, took over a few times and gave positive inputs to the convoy, great job!

Good job on keeping the distance and following the track. When leaving the crest and you notice the car is starting a slide remember, DON’T FIGHT GRAVITY! We have to practice switching more. Pay more attention To the radio communication! Sometimes we feel that you’re not listening the radio instructions at all.

Also a good job keeping the pace and maintaining the distance from the car in front.
A few stucks and second tries as you are still getting used to the new car and the challenge of your first trip as off-roader level. Don’t forget to inform the group when doing second tries.

Followed the track nicely but have to push a bit harder to keep the distance to the car in front, if you go too slow the gap increases a lot and is difficult for the leader to keep track of the convoy. In the other way we have to slow down all convoy, but we knows your skills and that you can keep up with no issues.

Good work controlling the car. Remember to not stay too close to the car in front. Keep safety distance as you have been told on briefing. If something bad happens you need space to be able to manoeuvre or stop if necessary! (check Video)

Unfortunately your jeep got sick today and you were unable to make your first off-roader level trip, even though you decided to stay with us and enjoy the day, thanks for your good vibes and for shearing the food with us after the trip.

He was having a break and just enjoying the drive! .. great job done and hopefully you will manage to put your rear bumper back!!

Desert Bunny and Desert Fox
Seniors, Nice to see you back after a long time, hopefully we will see you ladies leading trips soon. Welcome back !!

Easy Sweeper day.. Always kept good communication and helped on some stucks and also giving hints for self recoveries!

After drive we had very nice gathering. Special thanks to Bunny and Fox for making awesome atmosphere on the sand, you guys are professionals for that. Thanks Rathica for Pizzas and Preggy for awesome cake. Thanks the rest of you for drinks and nice company. We shall do this more often.

Report by: Gonzo and Tiago

Cover Photo by: Karthik Pradeep


Apart of recovery techniques with good teamwork you will see importance of proper safety distance:

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Thank you all for the great trip and gathering.
See you soon.

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An awesome drive of the Ramadan season 😍 with more tactical & technical approach😎 thank you Marko for the guidance 👍 Noted your comments and would like to have more training on cresting👍
Tiago, thank u for the lead and the drive directions👍

Thank you all fellow Desert Fellas for the awesome drive 😍 Awaiting to have more drive with te team😄

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This was a fabulous trip. Pity my Jeep chicken out. Thank you Gonzo for the suggestion that I join as a passenger because I learned so much! The company was so great especially the Iftar ❤️


thanks for the great time spent in the desert although it was a little bit tricky for our big cars in this area… but always good to practice how to handle the car wink
thanks for the ride, the leaders, the food, drinks and chitchat afterwards

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thanks guys – was a lovely time together! Happy Eid break for everyone!

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As usual an awesome drive!!! Thanks Marko for taking us through such an enjoyable trail. Thank you Tiago and Gonzo for the support!!

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Great team work as usual

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