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Thank you for keeping our desert clean!

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Every year, a multitude of serious off-road and community groups devote enormous effort and resources to rid the UAE’s deserts of the hundreds of tons of litter which is left behind by careless and irresponsible individuals and groups.
Although these campaigns are successful in removing large quantities of garbage from the desert it has not stopped the littering of the deserts.

Desert Fellas promotes a clean desert policy through its Off-road Discovery training program, where new off-roaders are taught about a lot more than safely accessing and enjoying the desert.

Funds from the Off-road Discovery training program have been invested in a campaign that aims to create a safer and cleaner desert for all its users. To this end, Desert Fellas has launched a range of car fragrances with a difference. The fragrance card will fill your car with a refreshing and pleasant scent which is long lasting. But its the the message on the envelope that will outlast the scent and serve as a constant reminder to keep our deserts clean. The information on the envelope serves is a checklist for novice off-roaders, and can be used as a pre-trip briefing aid for more experienced off-roaders, before they head off on their next adventure. So, in one clean sweep Desert Fellas aims to make the desert a cleaner and safer place for all its visitors.

Thank you for supporting us in keeping the desert clean.

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