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Second Try – report

It was a early morning for us all or maybe a late night for some. Our ambition was to start moving at 6:30 but a few late arrivals held us back. Let’s try be on time in future.

At 6:50 we moved to deflation point, followed by a briefing from Marko and safety briefing by Chef Marc. Marco instructed us to stay in 2×4 and we got busy warming up with Gonzo in 2nd lead and Chef Marc as sweeper. After a few doughnuts to get the feel and control of 2×4 we tackeked some dunes, with a few second tries and a bit of help from our second lead Gonzo we avoided a dangerous situations. After warming up we switched to 4×4 low range and made our way through technical area at a quick pace. After a few stops and photo ops we switched to 4×4 high range on our way to the exit. Everyone did well today and no stucks, we finished on time after about 30km even with the late start.

Perfect job today in 2nd lead with good communication, great support thank you. Think it was your cute hat.

Nicely done improving a lot since the last ride, a few second tries and today you practiced the 2 wheels drives, by the time you will get more confidence with it.. keep the good job and a bit more space with the car in front of you.. and relax, enjoy your ride. Loose word “sorry”

Not much to say.. you drove nicely today getting better control of your car and speed, good job man !

Nice job today, even with a few second tries but you have a good feel for your Jeep. Please sort out your radio.

Nice and gentle drive today each challenge seemed effortless. Please consider next time to be well rested and be on time, we understand why but your and everyone’s safety should be top of mind.

Man you car looks good on the sand and you are improving already. Respect to you for knowing when to respect gravity, remember momentum is your friend and please communicate better when you go for second tries no shame in that. However you do still need to get know your car better so spent more time with us on the sand and you will get there quickly. Please, we have to sort out your deflation tools, reach out to us we ready to guide you.

Flawless today, was a pleasure driving with you and good communication thank you.

Chef Marc
Not much to do today for recovery but good communication and thanks for keeping the convey in check in the back.

Big thank you to Marko for a great drive as always.

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Trip Report: ChefMarc & Gonzo

Photo by Anupama

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Nice trip today all Fellas, love this area thanks Marko

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Early morning drive refreshing for te day😍
Thanks Marko, Gonzo & Mark & all Desert Fellas for the wonderful drive👍
The drive was technical with learning experience 👍
Awaiting for the next drive🐪
& thanks for my wife for the picture😃

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Thanks for another nice drive Marko.
Today with a shorter convoy we were able to keep on moving .
Thanks Gonzo and Marc for the support!
See you guys tomorrow!

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Nice drive today technical and fun.. thanks everyone for the great vibes, see you soon!


Thank you every one. Today was fun 👍🍺🤪


Guys no trips during the holiday

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