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The weekend was calling again, and as drive was named, it was supposed to be fast one. Our meeting was just after sunrise at the big red roundabout, and we aimed to make a fast run to pink rock and back crossing the big dunes along the way.

All fellas were on time and we started to move to big red after a the safety briefing on time. After a short warmup the nature of the drive presented itself with quick successive climbs on the back side of big red. The first climbs worked, but soon we had a 2nd try that showed all participants that you need to have full attention from the moment the drive starts. Our sweeper managed the situation quickly and we moved on.

One our route towards pink rock we made the car stick to the side of every done we could find and used all twists to slingshot around the turns.

Along the way, a slight drizzle set in, which brought some memories to the drive two weeks back, which was closer to a boating tour. However, the weather stayed good with us, but changed the terrain by providing a mix of wet and dry sand. As we say in Dubai, same same, but different.

Once at pink rock, we switched from twists and turns again to do big climbs, but this time on slightly wet and more compact sand, which provided a different experience to what we had just 30 min back. More short climbs on the back side and a quick technical section before our deserved 2nd break at Chef’s bowl ended the time at pink rock and it was time to head back.

On the route back to big red, we aimed for a fast pace, but the mixed terrain conditions make the way not as easy as assumed. Soft sand on one dune and then hard and wet sand on the next made driving more challenging and “same same, but different” proofed more than true.

After a couple of 2nd tries and a poppout, all mastered by out sweeper, we managed to get back to big red just in time for 15 min play time.

On the last climb we had one more 2nd try that asked for a rope recovery, making the sweeper trinity complete for the day

Thanks everyone for joining the drive and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Special thanks to Anders doing extensive sweeper duties today, Matt for 2nd lead and Ryan to keep an eye on the convoy.

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