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Recovery Training (13.01.2024.)

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Desert Fellas conducted a comprehensive recovery training program focused on enhancing the skills of active off-road level drivers.

The training encompassed various aspects of self-recovery and team-assisted recovery techniques, with a specific emphasis on handling stuck situations, rope recovery, jacking, and tire pop-out scenarios.

The training program utilized a combination of theoretical sessions, hands-on practical exercises, and simulated recovery scenarios. Interactive discussions and real-time feedback were incorporated to ensure a comprehensive understanding of recovery principles.

Desert Fellas recovery training program successfully equipped active off-road level drivers with the necessary skills to navigate and recover in challenging desert environments. The incorporation of diverse car models, training aids, and a focus on various recovery techniques ensured a well-rounded and effective training experience.

The acquired skills are expected to enhance participants’ confidence and competence in handling off-road challenges, contributing to a safer and more resilient off-road driving community.

One comment on “Recovery Training (13.01.2024.)

  1. Ray Kenny Ray Kenny says:

    Great session Marko. This course has made me really appreciate the hard work our sweepers do and their competence in supporting stick drivers.

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