Pop-Out King Dethroned

Following the coronation of the British Monarch, we are pleased to announce Desert Fellas also has a new king!

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With everyone on time and deflated we manage to start the drive a few minutes before shedule.

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Basic training 2

After a few weeks away, Basic training 2 drive was ready to hit the dunes.

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Side winder

  1. Side winder started exactly like the name suggests – with seven Desert Fellas winding their way through the intensely technical and tightly packed dunes of Al Faqaa desert.

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Recovery Training

Today’s training opened a new dimension of offroading to our members.
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Desert Recovery Training

Half a day of action and laughter, that would be the best description of the training today. All members had a chance to get stuck with their cars and to be pulled out, or vice versa. What did we actually learned? We learned procedure in case of desert stuck and many details about it. We also learned how to lead recovery procedure…

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