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Quetzalcoatl’s Revenge

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You know those mornings when you peek outside, and the sky is this heavy blanket of clouds, making you want to snuggle back into bed? Well, this story starts on one of those mornings.

Despite the gloomy weather forecast, a trio of cars gathered, each of us fueled by a blend of caffeine and excitement, ready for an off-road escapade to Nagra.

The turnout was modest—just three cars—but hey, quality over quantity, right? We decided to push forward, eager to tackle whatever lay ahead.

With Nagra set in our sights, we rolled out, leaving the promise of rain behind us. As we hit the road, something magical happened.

The feared rain had compacted the sand into this hard, almost concrete-like surface. It was unexpected, turning our drive into something resembling a high-speed skateboard glide across an endless desert skate park.

The day was shaping up to be quite the adventure, with each of us warming up to the thrill of the ride and to each other. The highlight, of course, was reaching Nagra.

There’s something about being the only souls in the vast expanse of the desert that makes you feel alive. And as we stood there, with the weather graciously holding back the rain, it felt like we had all the freedom in the world.

A few drops did grace us eventually, but they only added to the moment, making the weather seem like it was cheering us on.

As we wrapped up our desert dance and pointed our wheels back towards civilization, there was this silent agreement that this was only the beginning. There are more roads to travel, more adventures to be had, and I’m already looking forward to our next escapade.

So, Anders, Tamer, and anyone else who’s got a thirst for adventure—see you on the next one. Let’s keep making memories, come rain or shine.

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