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Quality over Quantity

The KPIs for off road club is not about how many members in the club , it’s about how many of these members learned something today…

how many of them improved, how many of them went back home safely & how many of them can’t wait for the next drive. And this is what I touched with the Deseret Fellas.

Being new to off-road, I came upon Desert Fellas from a logo sticker saw it on an SUV. And after a lot of searches & comparisons with other famous off road clubs, I couldn’t be happier with my findings and choice to attend their AB initio introduction program. The folks are professional, expert, and love what they are doing. That is evident from the minute you drive with them and start meeting people. The seniors are quick to give you pointers and technical suggestions. At no point during the day’s adventure did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and even had a few laughs.

Safety, discipline, delivering the information are their concerns, no matter how long it will take.

Thanks for an awesome experience.

Thanks for having me.

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Very nice!!

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