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Pop-Out King Dethroned

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Following the coronation of the British Monarch, we are pleased to announce Desert Fellas also has a new king!

After a quick warm up, the convoy made its way through the technical areas between the larger dune formations in Radafa. The route demanded precise car control across sharp crests and it wasn’t long before we had our first stuck, which was handled quickly by the support team. Shortly after this recovery one of our team members called in a pop-out and of course it had to be the largest, heaviest vehicle in the convoy!

As soon as the tyre was fixed we moved on to some larger climbs and bowls to get the adrenaline flowing but it wasn’t long before a second pop-out was radioed in! With temperatures rising and the sun overhead, the support team quickly solved the issue and the convoy continued on to some fast paced hill climbs and high crossings.

Heading to Iftar bowl, a challenging  area of tightly packed, small dunes gave us our second stuck and the third pop-out of the day! Given our commitment to finish on time, we were unable to play around at this notorious dune so we completed one final climb and headed to the inflation point.

Thanks to all who joined the drive. Malcolm was certainly today’s star with all his support on sweeper duty and we all pay homage to our new Pop-Out King!

4 comments on Pop-Out King Dethroned

  1. Excellent drive and a great way to start the weekend. Great lead Martin and outstanding recovery work Malcom! Looking forward to the next drive.

  2. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

    This sounds like a pop out challenge 😂.
    I can recall fixing 5 in one drive 😁

    1. Please don’t throw down the gauntlet, it’s getting hot!!

      1. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

        Might be time to remove the beadlocks 😅🔥

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