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One Step Further

“One Step Further”, it was indeed. This convoy was mixed with our fellas juniors and offroaders. Offroaders job was to support and secure convoy and to make sure that our fellas juniors can focus on their driving tasks.

The aim of this trip was to incorporate all elements what our  juniors learned so far and to push them towards higher driving pace. All members  showed a really nice progress. After this drive our juniors are ready for some technical dunes which we’ll try to provide in next couple of drives. Our sweepers were not too busy this time, just one recovery with the rope.

Feedback on this trip:

Mohamed: I really like the fact that you don’t have problem to push your car, this is what we need for sure. You are not jumping as before, that is also important because you’re proving that you have control over your car. You are keeping safety distance better than before, and couple of more drives and you will be ok with that. Congrats for your flag, well deserved, and make us proud!

Michael: Very nice man, you are getting better. Still we need you to push your car a little bit more but we’re getting there. Safety distance is a little bit better than before, and I’m sure it’s gonna be perfect soon.

“Kiko”: flawless and cute to the bone

Mike: Always good to see you around and thank you for assisting me where I needed you to show to our fella some tips and tricks on side slope. Second lead flawless, anchor solid as a rock. Thanks!

Sid: Very good! There was some confusion in communication, but we will fix that.

Preggy and Salah: It was very nice to see you consulting and finding solution together for recovery, and executing recovery by the plan. Job was nicely done. Preggy is progressing very well as fellow sweeper and I believe he is excited to attend our next recovery training. Driving wise, no comments.

Thank you guys for driving with me, hope you had a good time. Please leave your comments bellow and share your experience from this trip.

See you on the deflation point.



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Michael Garcia Aquaman
Badges: Desert Fellas - RECOVERY badge Desert Fellas - GPS badge
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Thanks Marko for the feedback, I will work on pushing the car to next level in the next drive. Regards

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Thank you Marco for a very enjoyable drive as usual!

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Thanks for another great drive. It was really good to drive with a group that gels together so well and sticks to the rules of the game while still having fun and learning new lessons.
Thanks for the support Salouh. Appreciate the vote of confidence Marko.
Looking forward to seeing you all on the sand soon.

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I missed driving with you lot last week since i was away from the land. It was mesmerizing to be back on the sand with my 2nd familia. Proud to be your 2nd lead, whenever you require it. Kudos to the gang!

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