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Midweek Vitamin D

Great start with everyone arriving at least 15 minutes before schedule! That’s the expected Desert Fellas standard 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

We started in a technical area with lots of sharp crests and ditches, some tight slopes as well. Some second tries, some stucks with self recoveries and only one stuck with record rope later with finally moved to where the fun began. Very long slopes were taken at high speed and all Juniors were able to sharpen their skills.

We lost one rear bumper and our second lead had some issue with her transmission, it got stuck in second gear. The leader took swapped cars with the second lead to drive to the exit point that was reached just by sunset!


Convoy order: Tiago as Trip Leader, Karen as second lead, Mohamed, Della, André and Sid as Sweepper

KAREN: Thanks for another Second Lead. You drove very well today and you communication is getting better and better! Well done!

MOHAMED: Great to see your improvement. Although you lost the rear bumper, you kept pushing your car. I’m really glad you don’t feel sorry for the car anymore. Only thing I would point is to keep the distance from the car in front constant trough out the trip, do not let the convoy stretch! Well done my friend!

DELLA: Great driving today hermano, you showed nice control of the car and nice convoy discipline when cars in front of you did second tries. Same as Mohamed I would point that you must keep the distance from the car in front constant! Bravo!

ANDRÉ: Not much to say, spotless driving today amigo. Keep up the good job!

SID: Thanks for sweeping today Sid, nice driving as well

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Yeah initially the area was very technical, found myself crested. But after that error, second tries gave way to being back in shape for an amazing day. Strange that the JL was stuck in 2nd gear. Unfortunate about JLU’s rear bumper. We should have a midweek offroad level drive next week if it permits. Stay safe.


Thank you Thiago for the amazing ride yesterday, it was really fun, plenty of sharp crest, riding faster than usually get accustomed to. Really enjoyed the ride yesterday, quite challenging this time, I gotta say. Thanks again for the opportunity.


Thanks Thiago… Nice lead once again. And also good support for the mechanical issues we had. It’s nice to know we have this type of support in the middle of no where.
Karen, very nice Comms!
Sid.. pleasure to drive with you again my friend! Thak’s for looking after is in the back.


one of the best drives till date! superb leading by Tiago, i enjoyed this drive alot. very technical area at the beginning which helped us stay focused, later on i loved the speed and how the convoy was in order all the way, i feel much more in control of my vehicle, learned alot and definitely looking forward to joining your next trips.

totally worth losing a bumper!


Thanks Tiago for one more opportunity to improve my second leading. My pleasure to drive with you guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕


The pictures looked amazing so sad to have missed this

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