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It’s not a group it’s a family.

One of the most impactful lessons I learnt at Desert Fellas (apart from not to mess with Gravity) is;

It’s not about what car you have, or what modification you have – Its about the driver, his attitude and willingness to listen to feedback and grow. 

Desert Fellas is not just a group of people driving together in the desert, Its a community – they have not only helped me to improve my desert driving and helped me become better and more confident with my car, and they also help advise me with any car/desert related questions.

Anytime I see something in a garage or mod shop or if I see an accessory I want to buy – I will ALWAYS check with the Fellas first. I know I am getting their honest, fair opinions that most of the time are coming with years of experience.

So far I have had 7 drives with Desert Fellas, and after each drive, all I can think about is ‘when is the next one’.

From the safety briefing during the first drive, it was obvious to see how close everyone was and how much respect everyone gave each other no matter what level of skill they were or how long they were in the group – once you’re in, and have shown you commitment, khalas that’s it you become part of the D.F Family.


I’m proud to have earned my Desert Fellas flag.

Thank you for all the amazing experiences and I can’t wait for the rest to come.




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Nice to share the sand with you Saam

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