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Faster And Dustier

What a great morning!

Everyone on time, deflated, flags up and briefing completed, we started moving 8AM sharp. That’s the spirit Fellas!

Started on the usual technical area but doing lots of cresting right there.

We had five stucks in this area one of them being a double stuck!

After a break we moved to the high speed toboggans where this time the GPS recorded 102km/h!!!

After another break, we hit the same toboggan area mixing high speed slopes with higher speed cresting.

On the last crest I finally managed to get Lenny boy stucked!

And I got myself stuck twice or the crests as well.

The Sweeper worked hard today!

We logged 2 hours and 35 minutes of off-road and 56km total.

Thanks for the great morning and see you on the next one!

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sounds like one hell of a morning! good stuff

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This drive was an absolute treat , thank you Tiago.
We started off in the technical area of Qudra demolishing crests from the get go.
The sand was soft & tricky in some parts , so we had multiple stucks which were safely recovered by Salah who was sweeping for the entire drive.
The drive got faster & dustier in the next segment & all of us really had a blast ending it off at the last exit.
Cant wait for the next one!

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Wow did we blow the sand off qudra or what. Looks like we beat the record of 100kmh in this drive due to a short convoy of only four riders. Technical area was tricky especially when i was one of the double stuck guinea pigs. The super fast side sloping was amazing too as didn’t fall far from the rig in front of me. The cresting on the sharp dunes were challenging since the sand was very soft with small ditches on the way. I totally forgot that in the 2nd half i was sweeper and instead made the master… Read more »

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Guys this was an epic trip. Thanks Tiago we had great fun. I managed to record a top speed of 102.2 Kim’s on my Motion X. I think we need to have this speedy trip at least once a month.

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