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Fantastic morning intro with Ab Initio for our new Fella prospects, after a quick easement of previous experience we invited 3 new Fellas to join our Jr drive.

Safety briefing done, convoy order set, Andre 2nd lead, Mick, Anthony, Abdulatif and Preggy as sweeper. After a quick radio check we head off to the dunes. The group was smaller today so it gave us a lot of agilaty. And side slopping was the special of the day after a few second tries and only 1 stuck our convoy really started working as a team and had nice flow. We reached inflation point on schedule after 56km.


Good job today, a bit more sharper coms with sweeper and increase the following distance between you and the lead car and it will be perfect.

Great job today, long side slopes we will practice more and more so remember to use the tap tap technique when needed to avoid the fish tailing.


Pleasure driving with you today and nice to see a modified Cherokee in the club. Same story here you did great just remember tap tap technique for long sloping.

T (Abdulatif)
Very good driver and almost flawless, just a bit rusty from not being in the sands for a while. Keep it up and you will be cresting with us in no time.

Thanks for the support, guess we need a bit if practice recovering heavier viechles, that said fantastic job today and your support is much appreciated.

Perfect start today Fellas and looking forward to more drives, your company was awesome, and thanks Marko for the support this morning.

Please share your feedback and experience below..

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Recovery Training
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Thanks for yet another great drive Marc. The pace and level of the drive was perfectly adjusted to suit the skill level of the convoy and resulted in a nice easy flow. Your comment regarding the recovery is spot on, I did underestimate the weight of the vehicle needing recovery and thus the multiple pulls. I’m now ready for the next behemoth that needs a nudge to get going. Looking forward to seeing our new members on the sand soon.

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First meet with the Desert Fellas’ was awesome! A great introduction to the group from Marko, a level test and a great first drive with Marc. The drive started smooth and steady and when it was obvious we were all going well the drive ramped up, taking in some nice side sloping and technical sections, a very enjoyable morning! Looking forward to many more! Thanks

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