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Catch UP!!! – Report

Meeting up for a lovely afternoon ride almost everyone arrived on time. Rules, safety briefing and convoy order done by Salah and Marko.

We started with a soft warm up crossing some dunes and having a few stuck and second tries (lets remember to stop the convoy next time till the convoy order is back inline).

One of the stuck took more time to recover but after having a chat about gear box set up and set the issue.

We continue the ride in a technical area crossing dunes straight and side cresting and a few second tries. We stopped for a quick brief about cresting straight, switching and “tap tap“ technique..

We start the cresting in a small dunes, was the first time for most of the guys to do it. We got one stuck on the top of the medium dune in a safe position, and that was a great opportunity to work as a team. Marko brief and leading the recovery to the sweepers in this unusual recovery position, after the recovery was done we did repetition and practice cresting one more time on same dune…

spotless as a second lead, glade that you keep your skills even you were not on the sand for while.

a few second tries but nicely done good improvement

good ride man not much to say, you are getting better with each ride.

was a good steps getting better.

a few second tries have to get more momentum when crossing the dunes the second cresting was nicely done. Your confidence is building easily, good job!

still getting used to her new car, was debrief about gearbox setting and crossing dunes speed and technics, she was improving nicely through the ride.. nice job!

not much to say.. great drive man keep it up.

Welcome and congrats for your first drive with us and looking forward to hear your feedback. This ride was a little bit challenging for your type of vehicle which results with few stuck and seconds tries. After we sort out wheels control issue ride was smooth!

not much to say.. nice ride and not issues at all great job man. This ride was more for your wife than you, but ok, I’m sure you had fun anyway.

really nice improvement a few self recovery and sometimes a bit too fast… keep it up good job and try to attend more drives with us! (Glad to see Luca in one piece after the ride 😂).

you have been out of sand for a while. Hope ur roster will give you a chance to attend more trips and practice recovery techniques before you forgot all of our recovery training tips and tricks.

You did everything right and again, keep up a good work and you’re very close to be our first in house trained independent recovery guy. Take every chance to practice and master all possible techniques and ask questions if necessary. Do not pass recoveries to the others, take every possible chance to learn and execute.

Trip Report: Gonzalo / Marc / Marko

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Had an awesome drive apart from my daughter screaming in certain steep downhills. Still a bit concerned about my front bumper clearance until i get a lift kit. Other than that thank your marko for teaching me new thing about cresting; and to marc/gonzalo/salouh for support. Hope next drive we have less than 10 vehicles in order to have less stucks and more need for speed. Thanks once again.

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Thanks for the nice drive.
Waiting for hopefully offroader level next week.

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Great to back on the sand with you fellas feels like I’ve been away for months and really happy to see new faces all time. Excellent drive, glad we got most of the stucks out of the way nice and early and thanks @Salouh for the support on the self-recovery, your eyes helped a lot. This drive had almost everything cresting, switching and the technical compact dunes. All very fun 🤗 thanks guys and girls for very well spent Saturday afternoon.

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Fun ride and a fun crowd..


Thanks once again for the safe trip Marko!
Great to see Karen building confidence and challenging herself once again!
I like the way you do the mini briefings before starting a new technique!
Thanks Marc, Gonzo and Salouh!
Hope to see you guys soon!

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A marvelous & challenging drive, enjoying the sunshine 🌞 Marko the cresting training was truly good. With your guidance i can make the difference in my drives and the confidence levels, Thank u👍 I’m sure i can rectify the mistakes in my next drive👍

Mark, Salouh & Gonzalo your efforts in the recovery was a boost to the other members.

Thank you Desert Fellas & looking forward to next drive 👏

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Thank you all for making this a wonderful afternoon. Special thanks to Tarek for organizing this yummy Iftar BBQ, Nada and myself had an amazing time. Let’s all try to make those special events become a habit.

I just realized I am about to hit 1000 influence points. Yaaaay

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This was Rathica’s drive with me as passenger and observer. The steep slopes of soft dry sand at the start of the drive proved challenging with several participants requiring second attempts and rescuing. But as soon as everyone warmed up and found their “sand legs”, it was game on. The convoy moved effortlessly, even through there were some bumper breaking technical areas. Cresting and switching have been Rathica’s nemesis since her very first switch. So when Marko announced that we would be practicing cresting and switching, the tension in our car could be cut with knife. After the first exercise… Read more »

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Switching and Cresting: two techniques that I thought I would never be able to do but thanks to Marko’s teaching and ample practice opportunities, I felt more in control of my car and was able to perform the techniques with reducing sweat each time 😂 Had gearbox issues at the start but @gonzola was able to help me Reboot the system and it was go go go from there onwards 👏🏼
Also Thank you to @salouh and @gonzola for the recovery and Marc for the second lead😀

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