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After Lunch Des(s)ert

This trip could be called Hot and Tricky.

Fresh deposits of sand created sharp dune peaks. Visibility at this time of day is very poor because of sand color and sand position. That makes our trip a little bit more challenging then expected.

Warm up area messed up our plans a bit because the current terrain configuration did not allow us as much freedom as we had it on last drive. We took a few minutes break and moved on.

However we took opportunity to practice high and low switches, side slopes, precise descending/climbing/sloping and of course cresting.

This ride was a good training that will surely help us a lot in the upcoming drives.

Many thanks to my supporting team, AJO Zoubeir in the role of second lead, and Senior Luca for sweeping.


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Massimo (@massimo)
1 month ago
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Al Qudra was on fire and so were we ! Indeed hard to read the landscape and the tracks but another good drive and another lesson learned !

Hussam (@hussam)
Offroader, Second Lead
1 month ago

I am so jealous right now!!
Couldn’t work from home with you today guys, but glad you enjoyed it, see you next one!

Victor (@victor)
Reply to  Hussam
1 month ago

Hope to see you at the next one !!

Zoubeir (@mzoub31)
1 month ago
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This dessert was served warm at 37 degrees 🍨 The tricky warm up kept us focused and soon after we were doing a mix of side slopes, approach, switch and cresting. It was a well balanced drive. Some personal mistakes which I reflect on and will improve. The new terrain had some technical area and the huge slopes were gratifying! Thanks Marko, Luca, Massimo and Victor for each taking time out of your working week. It’s very nice to have mid-week sessions where the desert is empty and dead quiet. The only sound is Jeepers’ pleasant engines revs. Today was… Read more »

Skycat (@skycat)
1 month ago

Really happy on what i saw today from our advanced juniors, lots of good lines and challenges from Marko to heat up our advance juniors… and they all liked it! Smiles and good spirit all over the place.
No sunset today but de(s)sert was amazing 😂. Well done all, hope too see more of these trips…

Victor (@victor)
1 month ago
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A very challenging and demanding drive tiday. Des(s)ert was rather a main course I would say. Firstly because of the sand texture of the day. Wind created some tricky soft tehcnical slopes. But that being said, spirits were high and no ego came on the plate when we made mistakes as a team.

Special thanks to the 4 of you who made it possible during the week ! Leaders were great and as always focused on our safety. (And big up to Marko to have put the high switch at the menu, this was better than the last sunset 😎)

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