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What pushes us forward

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Tricky climbing situation gave this team of enthusiastic drivers the opportunity to regroup, learn and  move forward to conquer the dunes.

Shortly after the warmup around pink rock a hill climb stuck pushed our driving team skills and convoy disciplines to the limit, once the vehicle was safely recovered, a breakout area formed for all members to actively discuss why the situation occurred and how to prevent it in future.

Now with everyone dialed in we made passes around chefs bowl and through the other convoys in the area with some short breaks along the technical areas to refuel and socialize.

The earlier pep talk certainly had an effect with the convoy flowing and climbs getting higher against the faces of the dunes, the highlight of the trip was the convoy cruising  through the sky and over big red which made the earlier challenges look like child’s play.

Thank you to all who attended for a fun filled morning on the sand , everyone arrived promptly with coffee in their flasks and tyres deflated which allowed the drive start and finish times to be adhered to. Special thanks to Marshall Marko for the experienced knowledge sharing and support, sweeper martin for the safe recoveries and SL Steven for the comms.

See you on the sand soon!

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  1. Thank you Malcom for the fun morning. Thoroughly enjoyed the drive and cannot wait for the next one.

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