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Sand Storm

Visibility this morning was quite similar to sandstorm, so we had lot of challenges to deal with.

Before briefing we discussed about weak points of each driver, that we have spotted on previous drives. Most of the drivers took it seriously, but some of them will obviously need to work on their skills harder.

Today we started slowly with warm up with extra caution due to poor visibility. Goal was to practice side sloping combined with other techniques from our prospect trainings. We started with small challenges, increasing difficulty level and driving pace. At some point group was falling apart mostly because not keeping proper safety distance. Some members couldn’t pick up pace even we warn them several times. Communication over the radio at some points was dangerously poor.

After two and a half hours of driving some of the drivers started to lose focus and the result was more stopping and second tries.

We all need to take extra mile to keep up with Desert Fellas standards.

At this point of junior level driving it is most important to stay focused and apply advices during the trip. We need to absorb knowledge and apply techniques and skills to our driving. Every word and advice counts.

We had just one stuck, one unfortunate car break down and several second tries.

Sujit did nice escort from the desert and he joined rest of the convoy on certain GPS coordinates. Today he had good test of his skills learned on Recovery and Second lead trainings.

Thank you all for today and looking forward for the next drive.

Hossam and Dennis, congrats for your flags and make us proud!!!


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Thank you for the drive, new skills learnt and mistakes figured out.
Looking forward to the next one and more to learn and improve!

Advanced Junior
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Thanks Marko for the great ride today. Every drive is an opportunity to know my car capabilities better and to know it strengths & weaknesses.
Thanks for Sujith & Kiko and the friendly group of today.
Also congratulations for Hussam & Dennis for DF flag 👏

Advanced Junior
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Excellent drive today, driving on 4L for the second time in Fossil rock are was a nice experience and good practice.
Thanks Marko, Kiko and Sujith.

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It was an intense fog day to start with. An excellent guidance and training provided by Marko, thank you Marko. Got an experience to take out an injured 🥴 car of one of the fellas and return back to the coordinate point provided. First day to have a sweeper experience. It was fantastic. Every ride there is something new I learn. One of my favorite hobby In life, to learn. The fellas were given a fantastic challenge by Marko. Drive was tough and challenging for some of them, but I am sure they all got the feeling by end of… Read more »

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Thanks for the drive gents. We need to get to know the sweet spot of our vehicles more, the rpm range where we have the power in order to keep up with the pace of the onvoy. Good lessons learned. See u in the next adventures! #Keepthesandsflying

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Interesting Friday morning, felt like 2 trips! First time driving in fog in the desert, once it cleared it was like a totally new trip! Location is one of my favourites!

Was good hearing our areas to focus on at the start of the trip, direct no fluff feedback always appreciated, thanks Marko!

Kiko, Sujit thanks for the support!

Hossam hope the Paj is on the mend!

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