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A promising start cut short by a mechanical failure.

Amongst several convoys converging at the rendezvous point we wasted no time in our preparations to get ahead of the traffic.

Warming up and reconnecting with our cars, we fine-tuned our reflexes, tackling gravity bowl with climbs to assess the terrain. An assisted recovery carried out by Marshall Mark didn’t deter us as we made our second try, this time making the summit, our reward?  surfing the bowls at the top before a second pass from the opposite side.

Making the most of our vantage point we took five, overlooking the desert landscape, the sun low in the sky and of course with a warm cup of karak in our hands. Now the area becoming busier with other off-road enthusiasts it was time to push on in search of more clean air and bigger challenges.

Then just as we were getting into it and with the challenges in eye shot, suddenly out of nowhere there was a suspicious knocking noise coming from my front left wheel. Diagnosis ? – secondary suspension bracket failure. So that was it, time to cut the drive short and make our way to the nearest exit an hour ahead of schedule.

Anders, Ayah, Matt, Tamer, Richard, Nowar & Marshall Marc, Thank you for a great morning, what we lost in quantity was made up for in quality and it feels great to be back in the saddle again with you all.

See you on the next one.

One comment on “REFLEX

  1. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

    Excellent lines would not say you were off the sand for more than a month 😀
    Pityy to have the mount failure but good to catch it now before we head out to further play grounds. Great trip thanks @Malcolm

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