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Camp Black Flame

With the camping season winding down, our final adventure was an absolute blast! Continue Reading


The weekend was calling again, and as drive was named, it was supposed to be fast one. Our meeting was just after sunrise at the big red roundabout, and we aimed to make a fast run to pink rock and back crossing the big dunes along the way.

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Basic training lesson 3

“Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!” That should be the anthem for this generation of trainees. Continue Reading


On a sunny Sunday morning, our off-roading adventure took an unexpected turn, transforming into a short recovery spectacle before tackling the epic slopes. Continue Reading

3 Peaks – dry run

After we tried last week the rainy version of this drive, our fellas were looking forward to experience this track on dry and more slippery sand. As we have seen, even in the same and familiar terrain, the drive changes a lot with the weather conditions.

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Basic training lesson 2

At the end of Lesson 2, it was time to reflect on our off-road adventure and disscuss development strategy plan for Lesson 3! Continue Reading

The Vibe at the Profile Photos Photoshoot: A Day to Remember

What a blast we had at the app launch event! From the portrait session to the mingling, it was a day to remember. Seeing everyone getting their profile pics done was awesome.

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Quetzalcoatl’s Revenge

You know those mornings when you peek outside, and the sky is this heavy blanket of clouds, making you want to snuggle back into bed? Well, this story starts on one of those mornings.

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Basic training lesson 1

Once again, we rev up for another round of off-road adventures with a fresh batch of future off-road champs! Continue Reading

3 Peaks

It was a dark and stormy night, but only supposedly. A small group of fellas dared into the desert to get our off-roading fix.

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