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Junior level 3

A very early start, but all Fellas on time.It was great to see how eager everyone was to start driving. After saftey brief we got moving promptly and the first second try of the day on the first dune, lucky quicly sorted out by our sweeper.

After warm up some lessons on tap and donuts to gain more confidence on car control, convoy was moving nicely but some found the higher dunes challenging so we made some reception and got better results.

Once hitting the technical area we had good flow till the first pop out, one of several for the day. Things started to move more slowly from this point with some second tries, severl stucks and pop outs, but our sweeper was on form even with challaning conditions and situations.

Finally we started gaining some pace near the end, convoy was doing great but on few occasions there was not enough momentum and we noticed alot of mistakes with radio coms and convoy dicipline. Today was a test for the next level, some are ready but a few need to “cook” a little more with a few catch up trips, still im am super impressed with the progress of all. Even though  we finished behind shedule we covered alot of ground about 50km in total.

Big thanks to Mick for 2nd lead and Luca for an amazing performance on sweeper duty. See you on the sand soon.

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Zee (@ziadq)
17 days ago
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What a trip …in fairness I see why if you miss 1 drive you fall so far behind…drives packed with lessons and just enough not to feel overloaded …i c how the programme is fairing out and lovvvvvve it . Thank you for anther great Fri DF ….Love it love it love it …..im going to stop saying best so far ….but ….THIS WAS BEST SO FAR ….thanks to Mark,Mick and Luca 👍

Skycat (@skycat)
17 days ago

Enjoyed every bit of the drive seeing soo much progress from all the drivers. Some correction points here and there, nothing to worry about. One thing is for sure the last two drives showed us how important it is to have recovery gear 100% up to specs and car including spares to be in good working condition, it is of outmost importance as showed last week and today.
Once again well done to all of you and see you soon on the sand again ….

LucyFg (@lucyfg)
17 days ago
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Awesome drive today. I can see the challenge increasing with each drive, getting us ready for the bigger dunes from level 4, and beyond into Advanced Junior!
A few issues with flow today from the convoy but I suppose all part of the learning experience and can only improve.
Amazing support from the DF Team as always. Thanks for giving up your time to support us!

LeonMolenkamp (@leonmolenkamp)
17 days ago
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Thanks ChefMarc, Mick and Luca for another great learning experience and awesome trip! It’s very enjoyable to be part of this eager and supportive group.

Issa (@iaghabi)
17 days ago
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Thanks Marc, Mick and Luca for yet another great Educational and exciting fun trip. The feedback from the past two trips did come in handy and feel made me a better driver. I truly appreciate your time and patience

Mijoco (@mijoco)
Offroader, Second Lead
16 days ago

Great morning!

Really enjoy the technical area. We all know at this stage the importance of following the leaders tracks, this is amplified in technical areas as just a little left or right off track and there can be something really tricky lurking, weather it’s a ditch, step or some uncalled soft sand!

Great to see everyone improving each week! Look forward to seeing you in level 4, a few trips more for some but it’s coming!

Thanks ChefMarc ChefMarc & Skycat Skycat

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