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Endurance Run 

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Todays runners consisted of fellas who enjoyed a few extra hours in bed due to the later start time and the desert junkies who just couldn’t get enough following the earlier drive.

With all safety checks done and warm up started we made our way through some climbs. The wind swept dunes and sun high in the sky made reading the terrain a challenge which exposed a damaged front fender on one of the FJ’s during the first break, as this was mostly cosmetic damage we agreed to continue rather than retire the car.

Making our way past through some sight seeing tourists we headed towards big red through some tricky terrain with sharp crests and pockets of soft sand which claimed two simultaneous pop outs for our pop our bro’s and a series of stucks which were quickly handled by the support team.

With temperatures approaching 40 and engines on full ignition we made a series of passes around iftar bowl, an assisted recovery here gave an opportunity for a break and engine cool down before making our way to the finish line.

A special thanks to Marshall Marc for the support and expert guidance and second lead Marcin for the great comms.

See you on the sand soon.

4 comments on Endurance Run 

  1. Fantastic drive today. Thanks Malcolm and Marc. First pop out today meant a chance to put my jack into desert use for the first time – thanks Malcolm for help. The assisted recovery Iftar Bowl was very impressive and a real confidence builder seeing the professionals in action.

  2. This has been by far one of my favorite drives ever, despite the front fender and the double cars recovery. I always feel safe and never left alone in every situation and This gives me confidence drive after drive. You are amazing guys!!! Can’t wait for next one!

  3. Ahmed Allam Ahmed Allam says:

    I consider this drive a turning point for the juniors who joined, myself included. The drive was fast paced and speed was higher than what it was at the previous drives, it reminded me a bit (although completely different) of the offroader level drive i joined as a passenger and it was even bit more demanding of the cars and drivers than the previous drive. Like everyone said the recover at iftar bowl although unfortunate but was interesting to witness and see how it was professionally done!

  4. A very intensive drive indeed – we covered well over 40 km in spite of limited time and several non-trivial situations – a clear testimonial to the skillful leadership and efficient cooperation of each and everyone in the convoy

    thanks for a great experience – see you soon

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