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The morning temperatures are definitely climbing by this point in the year but that didn’t deter our latest group of new off-roaders from joining us on the sand today for a taste of driving in the desert.

Before leaving the comfort of the paved road, we discussed some of the basic fundamentals and vehicle requirements for those who were about to make their first foray offroad. With tyres deflated and 4 wheel drive engaged, we entered the desert and drove to the meeting point where we pulled out our chairs, applied copious amounts of sunscreen and Marko covered off the mornings lesson, giving our drivers the theory needed for the day ahead.

As always with Discovery, the challenges start small and build up. Kicking off with some straight cresting technique we saw this group progress quickly to the higher part of the dune with only a very small handful of recoveries needed.

With the first part of the day conquered, the convoy moved to the next area to take on the new challenge of side sloping. Car control and momentum is the key here and with each repetition, the confidence increased and our drivers showed great skill and discipline as Marko’s tracks crept higher and higher up the face of the dune.

The rest of the day was spent putting these new skills into practice in a more typical drive scenario as we explored the Al Qudra desert seeking rows of dunes to enjoy and share the joy of off-roading.

This was a great group of drivers and was a pleasure to hear how much everyone enjoyed the day over a karak once we reached Last Exit to inflate.

Thanks to everyone for joining us today and we hope to see you on the community drives or basic training in the future.

Ryan, Marko & Sven

2 comments on Discovery

  1. Was a pleasure to meet the Group lunchtime – see you soon on the sand

  2. Dora Murgu Dora Murgu says:

    Great to see a group of new interpids who enjoyed so much!

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