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An early gathering and a cool desert breeze provided a refreshing start to today’s drive.

The drive got off to a slow start, like it usually does in this particular area. The convoy slowly snaked it’s way around and over technical dunes and ploughed through soft sand in shallow bowls. This section of the route required constant momentum to avoid getting stuck, and all Fellas did a brilliant job of managing  the torque of their vehicles at a level that allowed them to maintain a steady flow for the first half of the drive.

A few minutes into the second half, Marko found an area that was suitable to teach a Cresting Lesson. All the Fellas got to start off the lesson by practice trottle control. This excersise brought out the animal in everyone and there were big smiles all around. Thereafter the cresting began in earnest, and this is most certainly the part of today’s drive that the Fellas will dream about until their next drive. The entire convoy managed the challenges with good control. There were a few second tries and a stuck in this part of the drive, but that was expected considering the nature of the crests. It’s truly encouraging seeing the progress that the Fellas are making with each drive.

Keep the sand flying.

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Hussam (@hussam)
30 days ago
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The timing is perfect, I loved it and the drive was smooth and fun, the cresting lesson went very well.

Thanks Preggy, Marko, Luca and Javier for the good work.

Desert Tiger
Desert Tiger (@talaltiger)
30 days ago
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Choosing the time to kick off into desert is skill, preggy added it and draw a smile 😃 on each of face of fellas, drive was fabulous and mix of levels and then moved to new learning stage which Marko leaded and good things is to begin with explanation, I missed the golden word to hear drive it as if you stolen 😀. Thanks Preggy for fun drive, and I can’t forget to thanks Marko ,Javier,and Luca for looking after us. See you next time.

Zoubeir (@mzoub31)
Advanced Junior
30 days ago
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Catching the sunrise and beautiful sky tones while driving to the meeting location was beautiful! We started right where we left off from last week. The warm up blended nicely with the continuous dunes and twists and turns. The cresting lesson from Marko was well explained and we had fun while practicing. The longer straight crests were perfect. Got a nice feel of the car’s weight on the crests with regard to the 60/40 ration. The donuts practice before cresting was well thought. It refreshed muscle memory on the throttle response and high revs. All in all, it was a… Read more »

Bhaisim (@bhaisim)
30 days ago
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Nice…missing u all guys

Skycat (@skycat)
30 days ago
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The more i drive this group of advanced juniors, the more i see offroaders being born…keep on repeating it guys, keep up the good job you are doing really amazing job!! Talal hope you wont forget your donut sessions, glad my car was closed when you took a go on spinning 😂

Samir (@tough_t_overlander)
29 days ago
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The drive timing was a good decision, we was able to finish the drive without being exhausted because of the heat and the focus during the drive was much higher than last drives, everybody did well, this area type became familiar for us, the cresting introduction from Marko was very clear and simple. Thank you for the leaders & the support team to keep us safe and taking us there and for teaching us new things, and for the group members spirit.
See you all next week 💪🤙

Sven (@svenhs)
29 days ago
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Well done to the early birds 💪

Michea (@michea)
Advanced Junior
22 days ago
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Whooops, sorry, I must have refreshed the page without commenting!

Fantastic trip and great to be re-introduced to cresting.
I love the idea of cresting in a difficult area so we can practice getting on and off. It definitely helps to simulate the worst case scenario.

thanks to leads and sweeper for all the guidance and advice, this was a big piece of learning for us all!.

P.S (thanks to Javier and Preggy for getting me out of that pit!).

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