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Creature kreeper

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Ah, the classic Sunday morning drive in Badayer!

After a wild night of winds, the dunes were picture-perfect for a Badayer winter Sunday – promising epic lines and crests. Our anticipation soared as we circled the peaks and bowls in Madam, heading toward the super bowl. However, a spontaneous decision led us to pause and soak in the enchanting view of scattered balloons painting the sky, gently kissing the dune tops. A breathtaking sight that left our foreign visitors green with envy, realizing this was our weekly routine.

With moments captured in photos and cups of karak tea, it was time to rev up the excitement and conquer some crests. Venturing into the Badayer area, the tracks became lively with other convoys relishing the morning. Uninterested in navigating crowded lines, we stuck to the challenging top peaks, mostly claiming them for ourselves.

As we approached our exit point, a few more photo ops for our guests concluded a splendid morning out in the dunes before heading home to bid farewell to the weekend.

A heartfelt thanks to Malcolm for sweeping and Marcin for 2nd lead – a well-deserved Sunday morning off-roading adventure!

2 comments on Creature kreeper

  1. Wow what a blast! A great drive thanks Chef – the smiles said it all!

    1. Marc Hayes Marc Hayes says:

      Indeed waht a way to close off anther weekend, can hardly wait for the next!

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