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On a sunny Sunday morning, our off-roading adventure took an unexpected turn, transforming into a short recovery spectacle before tackling the epic slopes.

As we geared up for some thrilling runs down the master bowls, our trusty Xterra team member encountered a sensor glitch, causing his engine’s ECU to throw in the towel. But fear not! With quick action from Marcin, our recovery trainee, he towed Pete back to base camp to be scooped up by the recovery truck.

With Pete safely aboard as our co-pilot, we dove back into the action, ready to conquer the towering peaks and monstrous waves of dirt. The morning unfolded seamlessly as we carved through massive bowls and conquered colossal crests, turning our early wake-up call and long drive into a truly worthwhile adventure.

Despite the early hiccup, our convoy rallied together, making up for lost time and finishing our journey right on schedule.

A huge shoutout to Pete, Sarah, and Marcin for keeping the vibes high and the wheels turning smoothly. Until next time, catch you on the slopes for another epic ride!

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