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Basic training lesson 3

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“Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!” That should be the anthem for this generation of trainees.

Arriving at our meeting point amidst deflation of our tires, we couldn’t help but have flashbacks of lesson 1 when the heavens opened up and the rain came pouring down, making us wonder if cloud seeding was part of our training journey. Nevertheless, we persisted and refused to let a little rain dampen our spirits.

Lesson 3 was all about trademark techniques, self-recovery, and dipping our toes into the theory of tackling bigger climbs. Despite falling slightly behind schedule due to a few setback crest recoveries, we successfully achieved today’s objectives. The team rallied together brilliantly, even when faced with challenges that pushed them outside their comfort zones. The experience gained was truly invaluable. Well done, team!

A big thank you to the supporting team, especially Malcolm and Martin, for their sweeping efforts and for capturing some epic photos. See you all on the slopes soon!

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