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Basic training lesson 2

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At the end of Lesson 2, it was time to reflect on our off-road adventure and disscuss development strategy plan for Lesson 3!

Today’s adventure kicked off right where Lesson 1 left off, giving our future off-road champs no time for dilly-dallying—just straight into action! We conquered more challenging slopes and tackled those straight crests like pros.

The morning started with a bang—progression was the name of the game! With each crossing and slope, we pushed the boundaries until we were mastering them like off-road superstars. We even had a few do-overs and a brisk kinetic rope recovery!

After a breather, it was time to level up and tackle even tougher terrain. It was all about honing our car control skills and pushing our rigs to new limits. We ended with some thrilling, faster-paced slopes, getting more intimate with our vehicles and mastering some slick new techniques.

What a morning! We soaked up new skills, built unforgettable memories, and bonded as a team. Can’t wait to see this crew in action over the next few lessons! Huge shoutout to our 2nd lead Marcin and senior Malcolm for keeping us safe and excellent sweeperduties. See you on the slopes next week.

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